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Clarify XJDF requirements for static workers



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      See QCS-15 for initial definition of profiles


        1.2 General Architecture
        This ICS allows for 2 profiles.
        • Static Worker: A static Worker SHALL be capable of providing XJMF for quality reports. Setup of the equipment
        NEED NOT apply job specific details. Static Workers SHALL confirm to level 1 of this ICS: MISQC_L1-2.1.
        Note: This allows simple devices to provide measurement feedback according to this ICS but allowing proprietary
        setup. Static Workers have no read requirements from this ICS.
        • Dynamic Worker: A dynamic Worker SHALL be capable of reading XJDF for setup and providing XJMF for quality
        reports.Dynamic Workers SHALL confirm to level 2 of this ICS: MISQC_L2-2.1.

        Table 1.2: Glossary

        Dynamic Worker A Worker that reads setup instructions from XJDF and sends measurements using XJMF.
        Static Worker A Worker that does not read setup instructions from XJDF but sends measurements using XJMF.

        2 XJDF Requirements
        The details of quality control shall be specified as a QualityControl process.

        2.1 XJDF
        XJDF SHALL specify the setup of the quality control process. XJDF NEED NOT be supported by <glos>static workers</glos>.

        Table 2.1: XJDF Element

        MisQC_L12-2.1 w r A <gloss dynamic worker> SHALL support a value of MISQC_L2-2.1.

        Table 5.4: Header Element

        MisQC_L1-2.01 r w<-- A conforming MisQC document from the a <gloss> Static WorkerWorker of SHALL
        contain a value of "MisQC_L1-2.1".
        MisQC_L2-2.1 r w<-- A conforming MisQC document from a <gloss> Dynamic Worker of SHALL
        contain a value of "MisQC_L2-2.1".




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