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      PrintTalk typically describes products


        Table 2.1: XJDF Element

        ProductList w r See XJDF.

        2.+ ProductList
        Table 2.++ ProductList element

        Product + w r See XJDF.

        2.+ Product
        Table 2.++Product element

        Intent[@Name="ColorIntent"] w r See XJDF.
        Intent[@Name="MediaIntent"] w r See XJDF.

        Intent[@Name=<all other values>]w?|r?|See XJDF. Note: This ICS only specifies the requirements for quality control. Complete product descriptions will generally contain additional Intent elements which are out of scope for this ICS.|

        5 XJDF Product Intent Descriptions
        Specific details of products or product parts are specified in Intent elements.
        5.1 ColorIntent <Copy from APP no xjdf:prefix + apply changes below>
        ColorIntent specifies the color and varnishing intent for a product. Each surface SHALL be specified individually in
        a SurfaceColor element.
        Table 5.4: ColorIntent element

        SurfaceColor+ ... ... See [XJDF 2.0].
        Note: See also xjdf:LayoutIntent/@Sides for rules on imposing
        pages on front and back surfaces.

        Table 5.5: xjdf:SurfaceColor element <complete copy + modified as below>

        Coatings w<-- r Coatings SHALL be specified if varnish is applied. See [XJDF 2.0].
        ColorsUsed w r ...
        PrintStandard w r ...

        <copy entire section + modified as below >
        5.5 xjdf:MediaIntent
        xjdf:MediaIntent describes the substrate that SHALL be used for the product or product part.
        Note: If @MediaQuality is provided, Out Of Band media synchronization is required, where a specific media has been
        bound to an unique identifier thus preventing a Blind Exchange

        Table 5.11: xjdf:MediaIntent element <ONLY row ISOPapersubstrate and MediaType>

        ISOPaperSubstrate w ? r @ISOPaperSubstrate SHALL specify the type of paper material
        defined in accordance with the print substrate, see




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