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      Customer: probably PrintTalk

      Device - manual
      Device - automatic


        1 Introduction

        <1.4 General Architecture (add heading and move this section to end of 1)>

        Returned reports SHALL be defined as summaries of the press runs or partial press runs in AuditResource elements. The
        transport of XJDF from Print Provider to and from Customer is out of scope for this ICS but can be specified by the automated
        print procurement ICS. For details, see [ICS-Cus-EPAPP. Use of PrintTalk is recommended but not required.If PrintTalk is used, ptk:StatusRequest/@ResourceAudit="QualityControlResult" SHOULD be provided by the manager and the returned AuditPool SHOULD be provided in a ptk:OrderStatusResponse by the Worker. see[XJDF 2.0].[PrintTalk 2.1]
        1.1 Glossary

        1.4 General Architecture
        This ICS allows for 2 profiles.
        Static Worker: A static worker SHALL be capable of providing XJMF for quality reports. Setup of the equipment NEED NOT apply job specific details. Note This allows simple devices to provide measurement feedback according to this ICS but allowing proprietary setup. Static workers have no read requirements from this ICS.
        Dynamic Worker: A static worker SHALL be capable of reading XJDF for setup and providing XJMF for quality reports.

        This ICS specifies the details of quality measurements and has no additional requirements on job submission and job reporting. See XJDF.
        Returned reports are
        SHALL be defined as individual measurements or summaries of the press runs or partial press runs in
        SignalResource XJMF messages. This ICS specifies the details of quality measurements. Basic XJDF functionality such as
        scheduling, identification of customers or network protocols are out of scope for this ICS but may be required by conformance
        to additional ICSs. Additional domain level ICSs such as [ICS-MIS-CP] or [ICS-MIS-Fin] MAY also be applied.
        Since quality control measurement devices are typically not explicitly tracked for costing purposes, no compliance
        of the measurement systems with an MIS ICS is assumed.

        1.1 Glossary

        <make entire chapter 3 XJMF Instance MISQC only - also fix element / attribute formatting
        move 2.4 SignalResource here - note that this requires duplication of the Audit/Signal table
        move ResourceInfo to subelements
        move 2.4.1 Header to subelements and reference from XJMF, AuditResource and SignalResource

        XJMF is the preferred method to provide quality reports. Qualitity reports MAY additionally be returned in /XJDF/Audit-
        See [XJDF 2.0] for additional details and a discussion of the network protocol for XJMF. .



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