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Move StatusRequest/@Subscribed to OrderStatusRequest




      A mix of subscribed and unsubscribed is really nasty
      Subscribed=false in the context of a PO is silly and forbidden anyhow (Nothing has happened currently...)


        Table 3.6: OrderStatusRequest Element

        Subscribed ? boolean <modified copy from StatusRequest>If @Subscribed = "true", then this the child StatusRequest elements are subscriptionsis a subscription for multiple
        OrderStatusResponse messages; else the StatusRequest elements are this StatusRequest is a request for one
        individual OrderStatusResponse message. The trigger conditions for subscribed
        OrderStatusResponse messages are implementation dependent.
        OrderStatusResponse messages SHOULD be sent whenever a relevant status
        change of the subscribed order takes place, i.e. whenever a new xjdf:Milestone
        is reached.

        3.7 OrderStatusResponse
        An OrderStatusResponse is a direct or triggered response to an OrderStatusRequest/StatusRequest or a triggered response to a PurchaseOrder/StatusRequest.
        If a Print Provider receives an OrderStatusRequest[@Subscribed="false"], it SHALL immediately send to the Print Buyer one OrderStatusResponse
        with the latest reached milestone for each OrderStatusRequest/StatusRequest[@Subscribed="false"].
        A Print Provider SHOULD send to a Print Buyer an automatically generated OrderStatusResponse for each
        PurchaseOrder/StatusRequest or OrderStatusRequest[@Subscribed="true"]/StatusRequest[@Subscribed="true"] whenever a condition, such as the availability of a tracking identifier or the reaching
        of a new milestone, matches the subscription defined by StatusRequest.

        Table 3.10: PurchaseOrder Element

        StatusRequest * ... Each StatusRequest defines a query subscription for automated status updates which
        relate to production orders that are specified in xjdf:XJDF of this
        PurchaseOrder. The value of StatusRequest/@Subscribed SHALL be set to
        If present, the value of StatusRequest/@JobIDRef SHALL be the same as
        the value of one of the xjdf:XJDF/@JobID values in this PurchaseOrder.

        Table 4.9: StatusRequest Element

        Subscribed ?
        Deprecated in PrintTalk 2.1
        ... ...
        Deprecation Note: Use OrderStatusRequest/@Subscribed
        MilestoneAmount ? ... ...
        Completed - All completed xjdf:Milestone elements of the current job and the
        xjdf:Milestone elements of steps that have begun processing SHALL be
        returned. "Completed" SHALL NOT be specified if OrderStatusRequest/@Subscribed="true" or this StatusRequest is a child of PurchaseOrder. .


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