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Add Cancellation of a Quotation




      In the table at:


      There is a row that shows that a Cancellation can be sent with BusinessRefID pointing to a Quotation.  However, that functionality is not supported in the spec currently.

      Not only should this flow be described in a paragraph in section 3.1 Cancellation, but Quotation should also be added to the "References:" list for Cancellation.


        3.1 Cancellation

        A Print Buyer or a Print Provider SHALL send a Cancellation to cancel a previously sent PurchaseOrder.
        Note: A Print Buyer will typically cancel a PurchaseOrder if the Print Product is no longer required, whereas a Print Provider
        will typically cancel a PurchaseOrder if no useable content has been provided within a deadline.
        For a Print Buyer or a Print Provider to cancel a PurchaseOrder, it SHALL send a Cancellation whose @BusinessRefID references
        the PurchaseOrder.
        If a Print Buyer sends a Cancellation, the Print Provider SHALL respond with a Confirmation or Refusal.
        Note: If a Cancellation of a PurchaseOrder is accepted, production of the job will cease. Any work that has already been accrued can still be
        invoiced. If a Cancellation is refused, e.g. if the product has already been produced and shipped, it can still be delivered.
        If no PurchaseOrder has been sent and a Print Provider intends to cancel a pending Quotation, the print provider SHALL send a Cancellation that references the Quotation.

        References: PurchaseOrder, Quotation

        5.4.2 Quotation workflow
        If a Print Buyer requests a customized product, the Print Buyer initiates the procurement with an RFQ that provides details
        of the desired product. The Print Provider SHOULD respond with a Quotation that references the RFQ. The Print Provider
        MAY decline the RFQ by either sending a Refusal or letting the RFQ expire. If the Print Buyer decides to accept one of the
        Quotation/Quote items, it SHALL send a PurchaseOrder that references the Quotation and Quote. For further processing
        of the PurchaseOrder by the Print Provider, see Section 5.4.1 Fixed price procurement workflow.
        The Print Provider MAY send a Cancellation that references a pending Quotation.
        TBD <@Chris draw simple workflow>



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