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Fix RFQ/AmountPrices and Price/Additional




      the current definition requires a complet new quoute just for amount variations.
      We could rename Additional to QuotePrice and also give it a baseline

      BaseAmount - minimum ordered amount for which this quoteprice is applicable
      BasePrice - price for the amount specified in BaseAmount
      AdditionalAmount <copy from additional/@Amount>
      AdditionalPrice <copy from additional/@Price>


        4.1 Additional
        Referenced by: Price
        Price for orders of at least the nominal delivery quantity specified in @BaseAmount. The price for a given Amount Amt SHALL be calculated as Additional/@BasePrice + (Amt -Additional/@BaseAmount) x Additional/@Price / Additional/@Amount.
        Note: some print providers only allow purchasing of specific amounts rather than ranges, e.g. when printing on gang forms. In this case Additional refers to exactly one amount rather than a range of possible amounts.

        Table 4.1: Additional Element

        Amount ? ... Amount SHALL specify The additional number of Items that @Price refers to. If present, PurchaseOrders SHALL specify an amount that can be calculated as @BaseAmount + i x @Amount where i is a positive integer, else this Additional SHALL apply only to the exact amount and price as specified in @BasePrice and @BaseAmount.
        BaseAmount double Minimum ordered quantity for which this Additional is applicable.
        BasePrice double Price of the quantity specified in @BaseAmount.
        Price ? ... The price of the additional number of Items as specified in @Amount.Price SHALL be specified if @Amount is present.

        Table 4.6: Price Element

        Additional * ... Price for orders in excess of at least the nominal delivery quantity specified in Additional/@BaseAmount. the nominal delivery quantity specified in
        . Additional SHALL NOT be specified in an Invoice or PurchaseOrder.


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