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ArtDeliveryResponse is broken




      we have no direct reference to the checked file in case of multiple files/ptk
      The request allows upload of a partitioned RunList but this connection is lost in the response.

      The simplest identifier is probably the original URL of the uploaded file


        <Remove original ArtDeliveryRequest element>
        <Rename table ArtDelivery to ArtDeliveryRequest>

        xjdf:XJDF ... An XJDF that includes an xjdf:ResourceSet/[@Name="RunList"] that references
        the artwork. If multiple xjdf:Product elements are present in the XJDF, the
        xjdf:ResourceSet/[@Name="RunList"] SHALL be partitioned by xjdf:Part/

        ========== Draft 2 ==================

        xjdf:XJDF ... An XJDF that includes shall include an xjdf:ResourceSet/[@Name="RunList"] that references
        the artwork. Note: an entire xjdf:XJDF is provided in order to provide any required product part context in a multi-part product for the artwork such as cover or body.

        Table 3.2: ArtDeliveryResponse Element
        Exactly one ArtDeliveryResponse SHALL be provided for an ArtDelivery that was provided in aPurchaseOrder or AreDeliveryRequest Business Object, even if the Business Object contains multiple pieces of artwork.

        Result ... Result of the entire art delivery.
        Allowed values are:
        Accepted - The entire artwork was accepted and all artwork for the job is now in
        place. Warnings may have occurred.
        AcceptedWaiting - The entire artwork was accepted. There is still missing artwork for the PurchaseOrder..
        Warnings may have occurred.
        Rejected - The Rejected SHALL be specified if one or more pieces of artwork was rejected. Additional details SHOULD be provided
        in xjdf:AuditResource/ResourceSet[@Name="PreflightReport"]/xjdf:PreflightReport.
        xjdf:PreflightReportAuditPool? ... xjdf:PreflightReport should provide details of the result of the upload.If present, xjdf:AuditPool SHALL contain at least one
        xjdf:AuditResource/ResourceSet[@Name="PreflightReport"] that provide details of the result of the upload. The values of AuditResource/ResourceInfo/ResourceSet/Resource/Part SHALL match those of the the corresponding ArtDeliveryRequest/XJDF/ResourceSet[@Name="RunList"]/Resource/Part elements.


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