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review print provider initiated change orders




      is a new quotation for a running job really necessary.
      The text in quotation becomes a lot messier, if we allow printers to change specs of confirmed jobs.


        A Quotation is a list of Quotes, each of which is an offer to provide a variation of a set of printed products or catalog items.
        Usually a Print Provider creates a Quotation after receiving an as a response to anRFQ.
        If the Print Provider chooses to accept respond toan RFQ, the Print Provider creates one or more Quote elements and sends them back
        to the Print Buyer in a Quotation element. Each Quote element represents one quote for the job.
        A Print Provider sends a Quotation whose semantics vary depending on @BusinessRefID.
        If a Print Provider receives an RFQ and chooses to provide a quote,
        it SHALL send a Quotation whose @BusinessRefID references
        the received RFQ.
        PurchaseOrder: If a Print Provider chooses to initiate a Change Order for a Confirmed job, it SHALL send a Quotation whose
        @BusinessRefID references the PurchaseOrder for the Confirmed job. If such a Quotation for a confirmed job expires, and the Print Provider cannot produce the job as quoted due to issues in the responsiblilty of the Print Buyer, the Print Provider MAY send a Cancellation that references the original PurchaseOrder. The Print Buyer selects a possible or necessary change
        to the Print Product.
        A Quotation SHALL contain at least one Quote element. If the Print Provider offers multiple options, it SHALL specify a
        separate Quote element for each such option.

        After the Print Provider has sent a Quotation and while it is pending, the Print Provider MAY send either
        • a Superseding Quotation that replaces the Pending one.
        • a Cancellation for the Pending Quotation after which the Print Provider MAY choose to send either a new Quotation
        or a Confirmation for some pending PurchaseOrder. A Pending PurchaseOrder exists only if the cancelled Quotation
        was in fact a Requote.

        When a Print Buyer receives a Quotation, the Print Buyer MAY
        • accept the Quotation by sending a PurchaseOrder that references the Quote that the Print Buyer wishes to accept
        from the list of Quote elements in the Quotation.
        • decline the Quotation by either sending a Refusal or letting it expire. The Print Buyer MAY choose to create a new RFQ that requests a Requote.

        • defer a decision on the Quotation and send a new RFQ that requests a Requote.



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