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merge OrderStatusResponse and ReturnJob




      make AuditPool the root element of OrderStatusResponse.


        < move 3.6.1 modified StatusRequest to subelements>
        Referenced by: OrderStatusRequest, PurchaseOrder
        Table 3.8: StatusRequest Element
        ResponseDetails ?|...|The level of detail requested in the OrderStatusResponse.
        Allowed values are:
        Brief - Include only the latest xjdf:Milestone notification of the current job status SHALL be returned.
        CompletedMilestones - Include all completed xjdf:Milestone notification elements of the current job and the xjdf:Milestone notification elements of
        steps that have begun processing SHALL be returned.
        Full - all Milestone notification elements as defined by
        "CompletedMilestones" and at least any additional detailed information as specified in ReturnAudits SHALL be returned. Additional xjdf:AuditResource elements MAY be returned.

        3.7 OrderStatusResponse
        An OrderStatusResponse is a direct or triggered response to an OrderStatusRequest/StatusRequest or PurchaseOrder/StatusRequest
        If a Print Provider receives an OrderStatusRequest, it SHALL immediately send to the Print Buyer one OrderStatusResponse with the latest reached milestone for each OrderStatusRequest/StatusRequest[@Subscribed="false"].
        A Print Provider SHOULD send to a Print Buyer an automatically generated OrderStatusResponse for each
        OrderStatusRequest/StatusRequest[@Subscribed="true"] whenever a condition such as the availability of a tracking identifier or anew milestone is reached that matches the subscription defined by StatusRequest.
        The amounts specified in the scope of xjdf:AuditResource SHALL be the total amounts at the time of sending including any amounts sent in previous OrderStatusResponse business objects that refer to the same entity.

        Table 3.9: OrderStatusResponse Element

        JobIDRef NMTOKEN @JobIDRef SHALL identify the job that this OrderStatusResponse applies to.
        xjdf:Notification*xjdf:AuditPool ... xjdf:AuditPool SHALL contain at least one xjdf:AuditNotification or xjdf:AuditResource that contains information that was requested in a StatusRequest element. xjdf/AuditNotification/xjdf:Notification elementsSHOULD that contain an xjdf:Milestone child element that describes the current status of the job. xjdf:Notification/@JobID SHOULD be specified in xjdf:Notification elements that reside in an OrderStatusResponse.
        See [XJDF 2.0

        Table 3.10: PurchaseOrder Element

        StatusRequest * element Each StatusRequest defines a query for automated status updates related to production orders that are specified in xjdf:XJDF of this PurchaseOrder. The value of StatusRequest/@Subscibed SHALL be set to "true". If present, the value of StatusRequest/@JobIDRef SHALL be the same as the value of one of the xjdf:XJDF/@JobID values in this PurchaseOrder.
        ReturnJDF ? ... ...

        <zapp section 3.13 ReturnJob>

        Table 3.14: StatusRequest Element

        ReturnAudits ? ... @ReturnAudits contains SHALL contain a list of tokens that match the @Name value of an
        xjdf:ResourceSet. The matching resource sets SHOULD SHALL be returned in a
        ReturnJob OrderStatusResonse business object. Additional information MAY be returned. Typical values include xjdf:DeliveryParams for
        delivery tracking information or xjdf:QualityControlResult for quality reporting. @ReturnAudits SHOULD be specified if ResponseDetails="Full" and SHALL NOT be specified otherwise.

        <zapp section 3.13 ReturnJob>



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