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Cardinality and meaning of XJDF* in the respective business objects




      We need to make sure that we don't have any confusion of child cardinality vs. xjdf cardinality

      which XJDFs need to be copied?
      what are the requirements for deviation?


        Table 3.14: PurchaseOrder Element

        xjdf:XJDF *+ ... Description of the Print Products one or more print products or catalog items. The XJDF elements MAY be used to specify
        very detailed Print Products, or they MAY also be used to describe the orderingprocurement
        of finished goods in catalog based environments.
        Note: Whereas multiple xjdf:XJDF in an RFQ or Quote specify multiple potential
        multiple xjdf:XJDF in a PurchaseOrder are an explicit request to purchase
        multiple items, e.g. when describing a shopping cart in a web to print
        See [XJDF 2.0].

        Table 3.16: Quote Element

        xjdf:XJDF * ... XJDF representing the returned values that this Quotation print products or catalog items that this Quotehas been made for.
        Potentially this the product descriptions MAY differ from the original RFQthat is referenced by Request/BusinessRefID, in which case details of any
        deviations and their magnitude SHALL be described in
        xjdf:Comment[@Type="ptk:Deviation"]. If a Quote represents the product or catalog item defined in the RFQ without deviation, then XJDF NEED NOT be provided.
        See [XJDF 2.0].

        Table 3.19: ReturnJob Element

        xjdf:XJDF *+ ... ...

        Table 3.20: RFQ Element

        xjdf:XJDF *+ ... Description of one or more print products or catalog items that a Quotation is requested forthe products or services that are to be produced or delivered.
        See [XJDF 2.0].

        Table 3.24: StockLevel Element

        xjdf:XJDF ? ... Detailed description of the print product or catalogitem that is defined described by this StockLevel.


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