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Use of Pricing/Payment in the context of a StockLevel or RFQ




      we added the restrictions for PO
      we need to update for the other purchase orders


        <Remove RFQ/Pricing and all references>
        4.4 Pricing
        Pricing SHALL specify a list of Price elements, each of which specifies a line item.
        Note the usage of Pricing depends on it's parent business object and is clarified in each occurrence.

        The Pricing element SHALL contain a list of prices for all Items that are included in a Quote. The Pricing element MAY also
        have credit card information and terms of payment.

        Table 4.5: Pricing Element

        Currency ... Three digit currency definition, see Chapter D [ISO4217:2001]. Currency SHALL identify Identifies the currency that all Price/@Price values are provided in. elements of this Pricing SHALL use.
        Payment ... ...
        Note: Payment specifies the allowed methods of payment in an Invoice or a
        Quotation, whereas it specifies
        SHALL be unique and specify the selected method of payment in the context
        of a PurchaseOrder and SHALL specify the list of allowed methods of payment in all other contexts.

        Table 3.6: Invoice Element

        Pricing ... Pricing SHALL specify The price of the products or services described by this Invoice.

        Table 3.14: PurchaseOrder Element

        Pricing ? ... Pricing SHALL specify the selected method of payment. the binding price of the purchase order.
        Note: This price will typically originate from a web to print or simillar ecommerce system.

        Table 3.16: Quote Element

        Pricing ... The price associated with this Quote. Pricing SHALL be used to indicate the list of price line items that are associated with this quote.


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