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Define variations in VariableIntent




      Define what (e.g. Media, page number, Binding, Color, ... ) varies
      and how (unique, not, only cover...)

      probably one Span per variation Thing with n values

      • need to support reasonably simple numbering


        Section 7.x VariableIntent
        VariableIntent specifies the variations of the content for printed data with variable content such as lottery tickets or direct mail.
        If the Product that links to VariableIntent has sub-products, then the ComponentLink/@Amount of the referenced sub-products SHALL specify the estimated amounts of the respective products. VariableIntent SHALL NOT be specified if InsertingIntent or BindingIntent are specified.

        Table 7-x VariableIntent

        Area ? NumberSpan Percentage of the document that can contain variable content.
        AveragePages ? IntegerSpan AveragePages SHALL specify the average number of printed pages in each record.
        ColorsUsed ? element Array of colorant separation names that are required to print the variable part of the documents. The values that are specified in ColorsUsed SHALL also be specified in ColorIntent/ColorsUsed. See ColorIntent/ColorsUsed for additional details.
        MaxPages ? IntegerSpan MaxPages SHALL specify the maximum number of printed pages in each record. MaxPages SHALL NOT be smaller than AveragePages.
        MinPages ? IntegerSpan MinPages SHALL specify the minimum number of printed pages in each record. MinPages SHALL NOT be larger than AveragePages.
        NumberOfCopies ? IntegerSpan Average number of copies of each record. This value SHALL equal "1" for fully variable data.
        VariableType ? EnumerationSpan Type of variable content. Allowed values in order of rising complexity are:
        OneLine: A single line of text data is variable. OneLine includes simple numbering applications.
        AddressField - Multiple lines of text data are variable.
        IdentificationField - The variable data includes a Barcode or QR-Code.
        Area - The area as defined in Area is fully variable.
        VariableQuality? EnumerationSpan VariableQuality specifies the desired quality of the variable data. Values include:
        Simple: The variable text MAY be recognized as printed by a different technology such as dot matrix or simple inkjet overprints.
        Imprint: The variable data SHOULD be similar to the non-variable part but MAY be imprinted.
        Full: All data SHOULD be printed with the same technology.


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