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clarify output amounts in sheetoptimizing




      we have a nice method of specifying the single job amounts in the respective gang elements.
      Unfortunately the SheetOptimizing Process only outputs a Layout

      We should clarify that ResourceSet(Layout) amountpools should be filled with the resulting amounts.

      the actual interpretation (press sheets - finished folded ...) is up to the reader. The task of the sheetoptimizer is to prepare a layout that contains as many oneups as requested by the gang elements.


        5.4.22 SheetOptimizing
        SheetOptimizing describes ganging of multiple BinderySignatures onto one or more printed sheets. These
        BinderySignatures MAY be parts of unrelated customer jobs. This process is also referred to as job ganging.
        The output Layout SHALL describe the positions of the placed GangElements as well as the requested amount of printed sheets.

        Example 5-x SheetOptimizing amounts
        The following example illustrates the result of SheetOptimizing where 4 BinderySignatures with an ordered amount between 875 and 1025 including 25 finishing waste each are distributed with two copies each and therefore a resulting sheet amount of 513.

        <new example, attached>

        6.1.1 AmountPool
        Whereas Resource/Part identifies the context of Resource that the process is consuming or producing, AmountPool is a
        container for the amount-related metadata of the Resource.
        The interpretation of the amounts specified in an AmountPool depends on the context of the AmountPool, i.e. AmountPool
        elements that are specified in descendents of ResourceInfo elements SHALL specify actual amounts. All other AmountPool
        elements SHALL specify planned, calculated or requested amounts.





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