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How to Add GangElements to a Gang?




      They automagically appear in SheetOptimizing but can't be uploaded easily in GangPreparation


        6.4.39 SheetOptimizing
        New in JDF 1.5
        SheetOptimizing describes ganging of multiple pages or BinderySignatures onto one or more printed sheets. These
        BinderySignatures MAY be parts of unrelated customer jobs. This process is also referred to as job ganging.
        SheetOptimizing MAY be used together with QueueSubmissionParamsQueueSubmissionParams/@GangName and the
        ForceGang command. In this case, individual jobs with identical QueueSubmissionParams/@GangName are collected with each job submission. A <jdf>ForceGang command<jdf><xjdf>CommandForceGang</xjdf> instructs the ganging engine to process all GangElement entries that have been submitted with a matching QueueSubmissionParams/@GangName.
        XJDF/@JobID SHALL be specified in the context of the requested gang job.
        the waiting GangInfo elements.

        <remove GangPreparation and GangPreparationParams > (sorry @graham)
        <inline A.2.22 ForceGangPolicy into GangCmdFilter/@Policy>
        <inline A.2.22 ForceGangPolicy into SheetOptimizingParams/@Policy and add the following value - also update decription to refer to GangElements>
        All : The GangElements and any waiting GangElements SHALL be completely processed.
        Collect : The GangElements SHALL be collected and the process SHALL NOT generate any ganged sheets.
        Optimized : The GangElements and any waiting GangElements SHOULD be processed without producing unnecessary waste. The algorithm for selecting the respective elements is implementation dependent and SHOULD take priority and scheduling data into account.

        Table 6.163: SheetOptimizingParams Resource

        ConvertingConfig +* Mod in 2.1 ... Specification of the device configurations for destination sheet sizes. ConvertingConfig SHOULD NOT be specified if the value of @Policy="Collect". Modification Note: ConvertingConfig was made optional in 2.1 to allow collecting without triggering a gang sheet.

        Table 5.56: SheetOptimizing – Output Resources

        Layout ? Modified in 2.1 The Layout resource that will be populated by the SheetOptimizing process. The resource
        MAY be partially populated by the submitter with restrictions on what the SheetOptimizing is allowed to do. Modification Note: Layout was made optional in 2.1 to allow collecting without triggering a gang sheet.




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