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Add a CellCondition element



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      We need an analog to PageCondition for signaturecells to allow e.g. first page left in automated stripping


        Table 6.13: SignatureCell Element

        CellCondition * element <copy from PlacedObject/PageCondition>PageCellCondition defines conditions on which page content SHALL NOT be
        placed in the parent PlacedObjectSignatureCell. If PageCellCondition is present, the page SHALL
        NOT be filled into that PlacedObjectside of the SignatureCell that is specified in CellCondition/@Sideif the RunList matches a partition specified
        in any of the PageCellCondition/Part elements. PageCellCondition SHALL only be
        present when Layout/@Automated="true".

        <copy from 6.53.8 PageCondition>

        6.13.2 CellCondition
        ThePageCellCondition element defines restrictions on when content SHALL NOT be placed in its parent PlacedObjectSignatureCell.. Before
        placing content from a RunList into a PlacedObjectSignatureCellthe PageCondition/Condition elements SHALL be evaluated in the context
        of the current partition of the RunList. If the result of the evaluation is "true", this PlacedObjectthe side of the SignatureCell that is specified in CellCondition/@SideSHALL be skipped
        and the current content SHALL be placed into the location defined by the next PlacedObject side of a SignatureCellthat consumes the same
        RunList. This corresponds to incrementing the effective @Ord value of the page and all following pages in the RunList by
        1, effectively incrementing the total number of pages of the RunList. If the next PlacedObject side of a SignatureCellis also restricted then the
        process SHALL be repeated.
        <Copy and modify Table 6.103: PageCondition Element>
        Table 6.xxx: CellCondition Element

        Condition + ... This PageCellCondition SHALL be applied when all Condition elements evaluate to
        Side enumeration Side of the SignatureCell that this CellCondition applies to. Not more than obe CellCondition with the same value of @Side SHALL be specified in a SignatureCellAllowed value is from: Side.

        <Move 6.53.2 Condition to subelements>





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