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Define use of XSD 1.1 for device constraints




      9.9 Use of XML Schema for Capability Descriptions
      Individual devices will never implement the entire XJDF specification. Meaningful communication between a controller
      and a device is only possible if the controller is aware of the limitations of the device.
      XJDF does not provide a proprietary method to define device capabilities. Since XJDF is an XML dialect, standard XML
      tools such as XML schema [XMLSchema] or ##ref https://www.w3.org/TR/xmlschema11-1 SHOULD be used to declare the supported features of a device.##ref https://www.w3.org/TR/xmlschema11-1 provides additional features such as assertions and constraints that MAY be provided in device specific schema.
      CIP4's schema for XJDF provides functionality to define the supported individual values of any attributes in XML. It currently
      does not provide conditional constraints for values that depend on the value of other attributes within the XJDF.
      This limitation is seen as acceptable for the benefit of using standard XML tools and may be addressed in a future version
      of this specification.
      CIP4 provides schema for the entire XJDF specification and reduced schema for ICS documents. Vendors are encouraged
      to provide XML schemas that define the supported XJDF features of their devices.
      Device schema for XJDF SHALL use the XJDF namespace for standard XJDF features.

      TBD Device schema example with constraints.



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