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Cardinality of measurements in QualityControlResult




      we currently allow a set of detailed measurements in QualityControlResult


      • short and concise.
      • We have a concept of "measurement set"
      • An implementation can choose to provide N QualityControlResult elements with 1 detailed measurement or 1 QualityControlResult with n detailed measurements.
      • Only the set of measurements has a time range and scope
        Should we only allow one measurement / QualityControlResult?


        6.69 QualityControlResult
        QualityControlResult defines the set of results from a QualityControl process. The specific measurements should be returned
        in one of the specialized subelements such as BindingQualityMeasurement or as a subelements of the parent Resource that are
        in a foreign namespace. QualityControl results may also be referenced by providing a FileSpec that references a proprietary
        measurement results definition. Examples for quality control measurements in a foreign namespace include
        [ISO17972-1:2015] for color measurement data.
        Each individual measurement that is reported as a specific subelement should reside in a unique Resource element with Resource/Part/@QualityMeasurement specified and unique. The method of summarizing multiple measurements to an average value is system dependent and MAY be dictated by an ICS.

        Table 6.148: QualityControlResult Resource

        Measurements ? ... @Measurements SHALL specify the Total number of measurements and SHOULD be provided in the context of ResourceInfo If the value of @Measurements is >1 any speciffic measurement subelement SHOULD be an average measurement. The method of summarizing multiple measurements to an average value is system dependent.
        BindingQualityMeasurement * .. Individual measurement results of binding quality. BindingQualityMeasurement SHALL define the details of an individual or average binding quality measurement. Not more than one BindingQualityMeasurement SHOULD be specified.
        Note the cardinality of multiple measurements is retained for backwards compatibility only.
        ... Each RegistrationQuality SHALL define the details of anindividual or average color registration measurement.


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