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Find a better/concise method of recording missing/incorrect change flags



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Implemented (View Workflow)
    • Priority: Normal
    • Resolution: Fixed
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    • Fix Version/s: 1.6 errata
    • Component/s: Appendix
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      From the linked fdf created by Dennis Carney I've selected the missing change flag locations.

      Primary consideration is how to mark these changes in the Errata:
      Adding an entry for each is cumbersome. I'd suggest a single entry - 'changes missing appropriate change flag' and copying this list as a table to the errata. A second column could show the Deleted, Modified, New. (As an aside: Do we want a flag for changes to these lists only e.g. Values Modified in JDF 1.7)

      Secondary consideration is listing all the usage locations of Enumerations, NMTOKENS etc.
      This would involve possibly hundreds of entries - e.g. MediaDirection is used in 8 locations..

      Once we've decided upon the correct course of action the following are to be recorded.

      • Metadata in Pipe Messages
      • 6.3.38 SheetOptimizing, Input Resources, BinderySignature
      • 7.19.1 ShapeCut, ShapeType "Line" enumeration
      • 8.20 Color/ColorType "Primer" enumeration
      • 8.42 DeliveryParams/@DeliveryID
      • 8.42 DeliveryParams/@EarliestDuration
      • 8.42 DeliveryParams/@RequiredDuration
      • 8.44.1 Icon/FileSpec
      • 8.44.3 Module/@ManufacturerURL
      • 8.75 Ink/@Family
      • 8.75 Ink/@SpecialInk
      • 8.93 MiscConsumable/@ConsumableType
      • 8.130.1 Pages, Documents and Sets for common PDL type
      • 8.171 WrappingParams/@WrappingKind (and again for enumeration)
      • 9.1 Address/@CivicNumber
      • 9.1.1 AddressLine
      • 9.24 GeneralID/@IDUsage "ShopID" enumeration
      • 9.35 OCGControl/@OCGName
      • A.3.23 EmbossType "EmbossedFinish"
      • A.3.33 MediaDirection has been modified.
      • A.3.43 RenderingIntent "ColorSpaceDependent"
      • A.4.2 Contact Types "ArtDelivery"
      • A.4.2 Contact Types "Customer"
      • A.4.5 Device Classes "FilmSetter"
      • A.4.5 Device Classes "HolePuncher"
      • A.4.5 Device Classes "FilmSetter"
      • A.4.5 Device Classes "IntegratedDigitalPrinter"
      • A.4.5 Device Classes "MultipleWebConventionalPress"
      • A.4.5 Device Classes "PlateSetter"
      • A.4.5 Device Classes "PrintingPress"
      • A.4.5 Device Classes "Scanner"
      • A.4.5 Device Classes "SheetFedConventionalPress"
      • A.4.5 Device Classes "SheetFedDigitalPrinter"
      • A.4.5 Device Classes "SingleWebConventionalPress"
      • A.4.5 Device Classes "WebDigitalprinter"   - Note It this a case bug printer?
      • A.4.5 Device Classes "WideFormatPrinter"
      • A.4.6 Flute Types "E"
      • A.4.6 Flute Types "F"
      • A.4.8 Ink and Varnish Coatings "None"
      • A.4.8 Ink and Varnish Coatings "Varnish"
      • A.4.10 MediaType Details "Continuous"
      • A.4.10 MediaType Details "PlateUV"
      • A.4.13 NodeCategories "WebToPrint"
      • A.4.15 Pallet Types "Euro800x600"
      • A.4.16 Printing Technologies
      • A.4.22 Status Details "StandBy" {Twice}
      • A.4.23 Texture
      • A.4.23 Texture "IPP:Course"
      • A.4.24 Units "gsm"




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