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Custom shapes in //ShapeCuttingIntent/ShapeCut




      Currently it is possible to define some default shapes in //ShapeCuttingIntent without defining its full @CutPath using //ShapeCuttingIntent/ShapeCut/@ShapeType:

      • Line
      • Path
      • Rectangular
      • Round
      • RoundedRectangle
        I suggest to change the data type of //ShapeCuttingIntent/ShapeCut/@ShapeType from enumeration to NMTOKEN in order to simplify the definition of custom but reoccurring shapes.

      Another attempt to achieve the same would be to add @ShapeTypeDetails of type string that can be used to provide detailed information.

      While thinking about ShapeType we should also specify the exact meaning of "Round". Is this a circle or any round shape like an ellipse?


        <instruction make XJDF description unconditional for both versions>

        Table 7-76: ShapeCut Element

        CutOut ?= "false" ... @CutOut specifies whether the inside or outside of the ShapeCut SHALL be removed. If @CutOut="true", the inside of a specified shape is to SHALL be removed. If
        otherwise, the outside of a specified shape is to SHALL be removed. An
        example of an inside shape is a window, while an example of an
        outside shape is a shaped greeting card.
        ShapeType ? ... Describes any precision cutting other than hole making.
        Allowed values are:
        Line – The coordinates specified in @CutBox specify the end
        points of a straight line.
        Path - Any irregular shape. Additional details SHOULD be provided in @CutPath or @ShapeTypeDetails.
        Rectangular – The coordinates specified in @CutBox specify
        the lower left and upper right coordinates of a rectangle.
        Round- Cirular or elliptical shape depending on the aspect ratio of @CutBox .
        RoundedRectangle – Rectangle with rounded corners. The
        coordinates specified in @CutBox specify the outer bounds
        of the rectangle. New in JDF 1.3
        ShapeTypeDetails ? string A more specific, specialized or site-defined name for the shape of the ShapeCut.




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