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Review use of printstandard



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      We need to consolidate the use of PrintStandard in Intent and Process

      Offset: Fogra XYZ
      Digital: proprietary N-Pass

      NOTE: This issue was opened in response to the following comment in the FDF for JDF-452:

      Issue: Is this writeup really correct? What is the talk of "PrintStandard"? This doesn't match 1.5 at all. Also see the example on the next page, where the value is Name="Standard"

      That comment is because of the following row in JDF 1.6, in "Table 8.213, PrintCondition Resource":

      The attribute is @Name, but the writeup discusses "PrintStandard", which is not an attribute or subelement of the PrintCondition resource, so the words are confusing.  Note that in JDF 1.5, the description of PrintCondition/@Name was simply:

      Name of the PrintCondition. Used to reference a PrintCondition from a Color/ Element.


        Name ... PrintStandard @Name specifies the reference name of a characterization data set.
        There are research and trade associations (such as Fogra, IDEAlliance, WANIFRA,
        JPMA, ICC) who provide characterization data sets for standard printing
        conditions. Most reference names of standard printing conditions are
        registered with the ICC see [Characterization Data].
        Official reference names shall be taken if a standard printing condition exists. See ##ref A.4.17 PrintStandard Characterization Data Sets
        Custom or device dependent reference names MAY be introduced or provided
        if no official standard printing condition exists or is available.
        Note: Whereas PrintStandard @Name defines a media independent characterization
        data set, PrintConditionColor/@PrintConditionName defines a characterization
        data set that is applied to a specific setup, including paper selection and
        screening setup.


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