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Reanimate ColormeasurementConditions




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        <Make ColormeasurementCondition a subelement in XJDF - all references are "Element">

        InkState ? ... State of the ink during color measurements.
        Allowed values are:
        Dry: The ink is completely dry and can be compared to standard target values.
        Wet: The ink is not yet completely dry and cannot be compared to standard target values.
        Instrumentation ... ...
        IlluminatationAngle ? Integer Illumination angle in degrees. This shall specify the
        Illumination ? NMTOKEN
        Allowed values are include:
        MeasurementAngle ? Integer Measurement angle in degrees.
        MeasurementMode ? NMTOKEN Measurement illumination conditions according to ISO 13655. Values include:
        M0 - should be CIE illuminant A, undefined UV amount, includes all legacy spectrophotometers
        M1 - CIE illuminant D50
            Part1: D50 match, use for all fluorescence (ink, papers, etc)
            Part2: calculated UV response to emulate UV excitation of OBAs (for paper only)
        M2 - UV cut
        M3 - polarization filter with UV cut
        SampleBacking ... Black - Measurement on a black background.
        Substrate - Measurement on a pile of the measured substrate.

        White - Measurement on a white background.
        SpectralResolution ? float Spectral resolution of the measuring device in nm.
        WhiteBase ? ... Reference for white calibration used for density color measurements.
        Allowed values are:
        Absolute – The instrument is calibrated to a device specific calibration
        target (absolute white) and measures spectral reflectance with respect to the incident light, e.g. D50 or D65.
        Paper – The instrument is calibrated relative to paper white. The spectral reflectance is divided by that of the print substrate. Therefore the media relative spectral reflectance of the substrate is defined as unity: X/Y/Z =1; L*/a*/b*=100/0/0 and D=0.
        Aperture ? float Aperture of the measurement optics in millimeters.


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