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Enable use of Patch for tints other than 100%




      If we want to send back colors in a measurement some of the wording about 100% tint needs to go


        Patch element
        Patch elements SHALL specify the values of a color measurement patch. When Patch is specified in the context of a QualityControlResult, it SHALL define actual measurement values. In any other context, a Patch element SHALL specify measurement target data.

        Table Patch

        SeparationTint * element Each SeparationTint element SHALL specify the tint of a Separation at the Patch position. The values of SeparationTint are always target values that SHALL be calculated from the input data including an output profile if available. SeparationTint/Separation SHALL be unique in the context of an individual Patch.
        Center? ... <copy from densitymeasurementfield>
        ExternalID ? NMTOKEN Identification that is used to reference the Patch.
        Diameter? ... <copy from densitymeasurementfield>
        RGB ? RGBColor RGB equivalent of the color in the Patch. @RGB SHOULD only be used for display purposes.
        PatchUsage enumeration PatchUsage SHALL specify the general type of the color patch:
        Color: The patch contains data for colorimetric, density or spectral measurements.
        Image: The patch is part of printed content.
        Technical: The patch contains data for auxiliary technical measurements such as moiree or doubling of images.
        Ignore: The patch is on the sheet but SHALL be ignored for technical reasons.

        <copy from color but refer to the color defined by SeparationTint rather than 100% tint>
        Spectrum ?
        Lab ?
        Density ?
        NeutralDensity ?
        </copy from color>

        Table SeparationTint

        Name NMTOKEN Separation identifier of a colorant that is expected to be printed. Additional details of the colorants SHOULD be
        provided in ResourceSet[@Name=”Color”].
        Tint float Value of the where a value of 1 specifies 100% solid tint value of the colorant that is selected by @Name.


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