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VariableIntent in 1.6 is a mess



    • Type: Bug
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    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 1.6-Final
    • Fix Version/s: 1.7
    • Component/s: Intents
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      Section 7.21 VariableIntent is new in 1.6 (and 2.0) and seems to need some working on.

      The major problem is that it is not clear whether the "entries" in the table should be spans or simple attributes. In 2.0, obviously, they are all attributes. In 1.6, they were almost all made spans, at least in the "DATA TYPE" column, but the fonts used, and descriptions, are almost all oriented more toward attributes, it seems to me.

      If some of these are correct as spans, then the descriptions are unclear. For example, if AveragePages and MaxPages are spans, then what does it mean to say "MaxPages SHALL NOT be smaller than AveragePages"?

      Area and NumberOfCopies also seem a bit confusing (to me, not necessarily a good judge, since I'm an "intent neophyte") as spans. What would it mean for the average number of copies be a range of values?

      So the answer might be as "easy" as defining many of these as simple attributes rather than spans, but that is a major change to make to an already-published 1.6 spec, so would definitely require an errata. Also, what was the reason these were made spans–are we sure that making them attributes instead is correct? (A quick scan would seem to find that pretty much all Intent elements have a significant percentage of spans in them, so changing this new Intent element to all attributes would somehow not seem right.)

      There are a number of nits I will report on in this section, in case the errata is going to show the section again:

      • Before the table, the ResourceClass and Example Partition entries, found on all other 1.6 Intent sections, are missing.
      • If AveragePages is an attribute, there is a missing "@" as the first character in its Description column.
      • The Description column for NumberOfCopies has a space character at the beginning.
      • There is a missing "." at the end of the ColorsUsed row.
      • If VariableQuality is an attribute, the first word in its Description column must change font and have a "@" added at the start.


        <1.6 only>
        <Remove @ from descriptions of AveragePages. MaxPages, MinPages>
        <Fix Format of Spans to Span element format>
        <Remove @MaxPages SHALL NOT be smaller than @AveragePages.>
        <Remove @MinPages SHALL NOT be smaller than @AveragePages.>
        <Fix nits for both versions>





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