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Workstyles missing




      Besides the workstyles WORK_AND_TURN, WORK_AND_TUMBLE, WORK_AND_TWIST which require a special layout geometry and SIMPLEX which is kind of the the trivial way there are:


      PERFECTING implies a FLIPPING step with the flipping style TUMBLE, WORK_AND_BACK the flipping style TURN.

      These informations you can use to tell a imposition application how the backside of a gang form should look like and this works perfectly.


      PERFECTING also implies that the flipping/tumbling is done inside the device whereas WORK_AND_BACK implies that the flipping/turning is done outside the device.

      This is surely the common use, but there is also the possibility to tumble outside the device (even if it is quite uncommon) on a pile turner and there is also the use case where the substrate is turned inside the device (e.g. the flipping aggregate inside a roll-offset device).

      This is quite annoying and forces us to communicate for example a workstyle of WORK_AND_BACK for a roll-offset production which uses a turning device inside the printing device although there is no "going back".

      It seems the term workstyle mixes the flipping style with the question if the flipping is happening inside the device or outside ...

      My suggestion:

      Either we stop the acosciation with the question where the flipping is happening (e.g. PERFECTING is also used for flipping outside the device) or we introduce 2 new workstyles: PERFECTING_OUTSIDE and WORK_AND_BACK_INSIDE


        A.3.3.9 WorkStyle

        Perfecting Perfecting specifies use of the device dependent perfecting module.
        Many offset Sheet-Fed printing presses have perfecting cylinder(s) built in. The leading edge of the
        print Sheet changes as the Sheet is turned by the perfecting cylinder, but the side lays remain
        unaltered. In this regard, this @WorkStyle is similar to "WorkAndTumble", but
        "Perfecting" is an in-line operation during the press run. Therefore, an additional plate
        (set) is needed during this press run. The perfecting modules of digital presses are not standardized and therefore perfecting can be implemented either as WorkAndTurn or as WorkAndBack.

        <instruction please also fix capitalization and the extra linefeed in JDF 1.x for WorkAndTumble>





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