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Queue should be deprecated as a response to a Status Message




      We removed Queue everywhere and should also remove it in status.

      I assume it should be an errata fo 1.5, but 1.6 is also an option


        5.9.9 Status
        The Status Message queries the general status of a Device or a Controller and the status of Jobs associated with this Device or Controller. No Job context is needed to issue a Status Message. The response contains one or more DeviceInfo Elements, which contain the Device specific information and which MAY contain other JobPhase Elements that in turn contain the Job specific information. The response MAY also provide a Queue Element.

        ResponseTypeObj Queue ? Deprecated in JDF 1.5 ... Element: StatusQuParams

        StatusQuParams is a filter that refines the level of information that SHALL be returned in the Response or Signals.

        The various aspects of the Device, queue and Job states are refined by the StatusQuParams Element. This Element contains three groups of parameters. The first group serves to refine the Device-specific status information queried.
        The parameters @EmployeeInfo and @DeviceDetails belong to this group. The second group serves to refinethe Job specific status information. These are @JobDetails, @JobID and @JobPartID. And the third determines simply whether a queue Element is requested to be appended. This is specified by the Attribute @QueueInfo.
        In order to focus on the status of a certain Job, the Job SHALL be uniquely identified using the @JobID Attribute.
        It might be necessary to define a Process or a part of a Job as the query target under certain circumstances, such as when a Job is processed in parallel. This is accomplished using the @JobPartID Attribute of the StatusQuParams Element. A value of @JobDetails = "Full" requests a complete JDF XJDF description of a snapshot of the specified Job or Job Part. Activity Elements SHOULD be created and put in DeviceInfo and/or JobPhase Elements when @JobDetails = "Brief" and @DeviceDetails = "Details".
        If the specified Job or Job Part is unknown, the value of the @ReturnCode Attribute is 103 or 104 (for error codes, see Appendix D, “Supported Error Codes in JMF XJMF and Notification Elements” on page 1169).

        QueueInfo ?Deprecated in JDF 1.5 ... ...




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