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add a normative partition algorithm




      currently we only imply that multiple values of the same key are invalid.
      see e.g. https://confluence.cip4.org/questions/15664359/layoutpreparationparams-and-validity-of-duplicate-runindex-ranges

        Draft Relating PartIDKeys and Partitions
        New in JDF 1.2
        The @PartIDKeys attribute (see Section 3.13.6, “PartIDKeys Attribute and Partition Keys”) describes the partition
        keys that occur in a partitioned resource. The sequence and number of keys is restricted in order and cardinality to
        ensure interoperability. The first entry in the @PartIDKeys list defines the partition closest to the root, the next
        entry defines the next intermediate partition node and so forth until the last entry, which defines the partition leaves.
        Each partition key SHALL occur exactly once in the @PartIDKeys list. Note that some of the restrictions specified
        in this section were assumed to be in place in versions before JDF 1.2 but were not explicitly stated in the specification.
        The value of each partition key SHALL be unique in the scope of a single Resource. Thus two Resource siblings SHALL NOT contain a partition key with the same name and value. Number of Partition Keys per Partitioned Leaf or Node
        New in JDF 1.2
        Exactly one partition key SHALL be specified per leaf or node, excluding the root node.
        Note: This allows XPath-type searches on partitioned leaves.





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